Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Societies in every corner of the world are surrounded by multi-faceted problems in one way or the  other. These problems need intensive research to reach at the conclusion, in order to find their root cause resultantly finding the right solutions to address these problems systematically. In this regards,  taking into account importance of research in societies, non-profit organizations focus on conducting multiple kind of researches in order to  come up with comprehensive solutions to the faced problems. So far, a wide number of researches have been undertaken by numerous non-profit organizations, on a variety of socio-economic and political issues. Similarly, Relief India  Trust is also too active in conducting extensive research studies in targeted societies where people are faced with multi-dimensional problems. Various  research methods have been used  to find the root causes of  the  problems and their solutions, in this way, unprecedented accomplishments have been achieved since the start of their  research work. It  is also worth to note here that this great societal contribution does not end here, rather it is still continuing and will also be continued in future, until the dream of complete prosperous society is achieved. To enable maximum number of people regarding the functioning of these organizations, it is  important to write about the key  aspects and features of these organizations, so that everyone will be contributing in the ongoing activities leading multiplication of the great cause. Following are some of the  major points pertaining  to the cited organizations:
Conducting need based research in Education sector
All of the services of non-profit organizations are need based, followed by extensive research in various sectors. Similar is the case in the education sector. After conducting extensive research in educational institutions and based on the findings, adequate measures are taken to address the emerging issues. Taking the footsteps of other famous non-profit organizations, Relief India Trust also conducts research from time to time, in various educational institutions as well as among people to find the need of educational facilities and type of education like professional education. Then accordingly, either professional education is  provided or deficient resources are provided subject to the need of the concerned.
Conducting health related research in the health sector
Non-profit  organizations also conduct research in the health sectors, in order to find the existence of diseases in specific areas and health problems prevailing there. Moreover, it is also  found through  research that to what extent the assistance is needed and accordingly health services are provided. Just like other non-profit organizations, Relief India Trust also conducts research in the same way and find the extent of  need of medical services in the respective  areas and accordingly services are provided. So far a number of researches have been successfully conducted to find the specific needs prevailing in most of the remote areas, and unprecedented accomplishments have been achieved.
Based on the  given facts it can be  concluded that non-profit organizations are conducting comprehensive researches to find the root causes of societal problems along with finding their solutions.